Artist of the Week: Michael Campanelli

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Route 66 Photographer, Michael Campanelli, shares the unique gift of images along the Mother Road.

Week #1: Photographer, Michael Campanelli

Being a  Detroit, Michigan native and having access to all the different museums has been a key contributor in     Michael Campanili’s rising interest in photography. Mr. Campanelli  now resides in Eagle Point, Oregon, where he is married with three sons. He has made travel along the Mother Road numerous times  and has taken thousands of photos along the way. If someone would have asked Mr. Campanelli what his hobbies consisted of he would of  said  hockey but now without hesitation it is Route 66.  Michael Campanelli doesn’t consider himself to be a  photographer and uses the  reactions  that he gets from individuals as inspiration to  continue taking photos.

He loves being out on the road, and having the freedom to do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. Intriguing  is the one word Michael would use to describe his work. The advice he would give someone that would be interested in becoming a photographer is to use film and stay away from digital. Also always use a tripod to capture steady and in-depth pictures of the field. The most difficult part about being an photographer is never having enough daylight to get all photos he would like to get.

Week #1: Michael Campanelli

Article Composed by: Museum Intern, Janay Barrett

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