International Visitors

April 25th, 2013 | Posted in Featured, Recent News | No Comments

Small PhotoThe Walldog Museum sees many international visitors every year! Of course, the majority of those visitors come during the summertime when we have nicer weather. However, on Tuesday, April 22nd there were visitors from Spain that came in! The group was excited to see that their town in Spain was not marked. So, they added themselves to our map.

The map that the gentleman is marking has many pins in it, representing the different towns, states, and countries that have visited the museum. Overall, the city of Pontiac has seen 85 countries that they are aware of. Hopefully they will be able to continue adding to the list this year, as more visitors come.

With the tourism season kicking off on May 4th & 5th with the Red Carpet Corridor, we look forward to seeing visitors from around the world. Since January, there has been at least 10 states and 6 countries, 3 of which were marked this week, that have visited the Walldog Museum, and this is the slow season!

Stay tuned to hear more about the ever changing museum and Pontiac tourism!



New Hand Engraved Artwork!

April 11th, 2013 | Posted in Featured, Recent News | No Comments

Close Up Engraving The museum is pleased to announce an addition of new artwork! Catharine Kennedy, a Walldog from Valatia, New York,  creates hand engraved belt buckles. We are excited to have some of her belt buckles in stock!  If you think she stops at buckles, you would be wrong. She has engraved other items such as: knives, planes, and more. Visit her websites to see her other products at: and

In the mean time, come on into the museum to find a belt buckle to fit your style!

*Custom orders are available! Talk to the manager for details.*