About the Walldogs

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Walldogs are a group of sign & mural artists from all over the globe. The tradition of painting wall advertisements date back long before today. Evidence of this can be seen as “Ghost Signs” throughout cities of all sizes. These mural painters of old were often called Walldogs. Today’s modern Walldogs adopted this nickname.

Along with the title of Walldog, today’s mural artists have also adopted many other traditions that show in their work, from the colors they use to the design styles they practice, these murals capture that sense of nostalgia and historic significance.

The modern Walldog movement began in Allerton, Iowa on the summer of 1993 hosted by Nancy Bennett. That meet was the first official Walldog meet. Dozens of sign artist or “Letterheads” arrived in Allerton to paint several large historic wall advertisements. Since then the Walldog Movement has continued to grow.

About the Pontiac Event

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The city of Pontiac was the location of the 2009 Walldog event “Chief City Runs With the Dogs.”  This event was held in conjunction with Pontiac’s Heritage Days on June 25th – 28th 2009, the Hang Loose Car show on Saturday June 27th at Riverside Park, and Cruise Night in downtown Pontiac that same night.  Seventeen murals of varrying sizes were painted during this event.  To see all of the murals painted in Pontiac please visit the Murals of Pontiac, Illinois website.


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